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Simple Steps to Care for a Young Tree

Over the recent decade, there has been an emphasis all over the world to plant trees. People living in an area with planted trees enjoy a lot of benefits. Trees planted in large scale are harvested for industrial purposes. An individual should make sure to plant trees that suit the climatic condition in the area. The reason as to why people are recommended to practice large tree removal is to eliminate the old trees. In this article are factors to consider when caring for a young tree you just planted.

To begin with, one should make sure they water the trees. Without these resources, a tree may not grow and flourish at the same rate it is supposed to. An individual should also know that too much water may also destroy the root system of the tree. Watering the tree should be done early in the morning or late in the evening. It’s important to look at the moisture content of the soil in an area after a large tree removal before planting the young tree as it may be altered.

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An individual should make sure to remove any weeds around the area they have planted the young trees. In most cases, after large tree removal, what is left behind is weeds, which grew beneath the tall trees. Weeds and other plants growing around the young plant tend to compete for nutrients and moisture with the young tree. Mowing is also important after a large tree removal as it facilitates aeration before planting the next generation of trees.

Thirdly, an individual should consider pruning all the dead branches. Shaping of the young tree should start early and not in the later stages. An individual should avoid excessive cutting. With time after the tree has adapted to the are an individual can now begin pruning. It also important to make sure that you prune sprouts to avoid them from competing with the trees for nutrients, one should also remove any tree stumps from the last large tree removal.

To finish with, one should protect the young tree from animals. Animals love to feed on young and leafy branches. An individual can simply use the offcuts found after a large tree removal; an individual does not have to incur extra cost building one. After a large tree removal, birds may be looking for new areas to build their nest. Dead branches that remain after a large tree removal should be removed.

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