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Know the Different Kinds of Mouth Guards and Their Purpose

Whatever is your age, one important dental health device that you can use is a mouth guard. It is recorded that around 60% of athletes in particular are wearing mouth guards when they are participating in a game. Mouth guards are also used by individuals to help them in some health issues such as sleep apnea.

It is good to know then about the various types of mouth guards and know the purpose of this device to be able to decide which type is fit for one’s condition.

There are many reasons why a person would wear a mouth guard, whether you are an athlete or not. Here we will present some of the more popular reasons why a person would use a mouth guard.

The first reason in wearing a mouth guard is for protection against tooth fractures and displacement. Wearing a mouth guard can help to protect a person’s jaw and teeth from fractures while playing a sport. You can also avoid tooth loss and displacement of tooth if you wear a mouth guard that fits you properly.

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Not only will mouth guards protect your teeth, you can also be protected against other injuries when wearing them. Injuries on soft tissues such as tongue, gums, lips and cheeks are being prevented from injuries too when one wears mouth guard. Athletes were said to avoid encountering serious injuries like concussions because of the help of mouth guards.

A mouth guard can help reduce the effects of grinding teeth of people who have the tendency to clench jaw or grind teeth at night. While a person is sleeping and grinding his or her teeth, the wearing down of teeth brought about by grinding of teeth will be prevented since the mouth guard creates a separation between teeth.

For those who are suffering from sleep apnea, mouth guards can help them manage their sleep. There are mouth guards that can alter the position of your jaw while you are sleeping and you can easily buy this type. This type of mouth guard can help keep your airway open and make sure that your breathing through the night would be easy.

Some individuals snore a lot when sleeping, so wearing a mouth guard will reduce this action. These mouth guards are also designed to hold the jaw in place and keep your airway open, are available over the counter and are less costly than those mouth guards designed for apnea sufferers.

You may want to consider the following popular type of mouth guards for your use, like stock mouth protectors, boil and bite mouth protectors, custom fit mouth protectors, and the nocturnal bite plate/bite splint protectors.

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