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Tips for Effectively Removing Rust

Your metallic items at home may be rusty without your knowledge. If rust attacks your metallic valuables, you may end up losing a lot of money in the long run. Rust is not something you can wish for because dealing with it is not easy. Therefore, the moment you notice rust, you should act swiftly to prevent it from continuing to eat away at the metal which would make it fall apart. You may not know where to start from but you don’t have to worry because there are many ways of removing rust. In the article herein, you will discover some of the key simple tricks for removing rust.

It might surprise you to discover that some common household items can erase rust for good. You can remove rust by using lemons. You can rely on lemon juice to remove rust because it is acidic. You will use salt the same way you would if you were to make a margarita. If you sprinkle salt on the rusted item, it will provide abrasion to help sand the damaging rust away. As you pour the lemon, you should wait for at most three hours. After that, go ahead and scrub the metal and juice away.

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Baking soda is another significant product you can use in removing rust. First, you will have to mix baking soda with a small amount of water until you have a thick paste. Ensure that you coat the metal with a mixture of soda and water. After a few hours, you can scrub the paste away. To be sure that the rusted coating is peeled off, you may use steel wool. For a more powerful solution, you should use a mixture of baking soda and vinegar and salt. Remember that if you soak the metal for a long time, you might damage it.

Since oxalic acid resides in raw potatoes, you can use it in removing rust. Cut a raw potato and apply salt to it. Depending on the extent of the corrosion, you may want to use a more powerful option. You can as well decide to use soda in removing rust. Once you have filled a bowl with soda, leave your rusted metal to soak within for a few hours. Remember to rinse properly because soda is sweet.

You can also use vinegar in removing rust. Pour a small amount of vinegar in a bowl then submerge the rusted metal into it. Although vinegar is powerful, it takes longer to eat the rust. Therefore, ensure that you let the metal sit in the bowl overnight. You can agree that removing rust may not be easy but if you follow the points above, it will be a hard thing.

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