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Knowing Some Of The Musicians Who Vape

For the record, 2018 was the year that the number of people who vape reached 41 million.
That also made sure that vaping is not something that is surprising for the public anymore. Also, a lot of celebrities have decided to vape due to its popularity. If you want to have more info about that, you should try visiting this link.

These days, celebrity vaping idols have become something that people are interested in. Here’s a list of celebrities who are into vaping:

The first one would be Lady Gaga.

For Lady Gaga, smoking all the time is her favorite past time. Still, the popularity of vaping made her switch to it.

Since then, Lady Gaga never went back to her old smoking habits. You can also use this link as a reference if you’re interested in what she’s up to with her vaping hobby.
The vaping world also have Zayn Malik on this list.

As you may already know, Zayn Malik was once part of the One Direction boy band. However, the band split up and Zayn ended up going his own way. One thing about the members is the fact that they haven’t stopped making music.
The personal life of Zayn has also experienced a lot of changes. Leaving the band was also something that he had to deal with.
One of those changes also involve Zayn’s choice to switch to vaping from smoking cigarettes every day. Zayn’s smoking hobby isn’t going away anytime soon which is why he wants to use vaping as a healthier alternative.

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Also, this link is one that you should visit if you’re not too convinced about Zayn being someone who vapes publicly.
The next one will be Simon Cowell.
As you may already know, Simon is known to be a popular singer who was born in London. Still, the modern appearance of Simon Cowell is all thanks to his appearance in the recent talent show such as the X Factor.

One of the facts that you should know about Simon is that he suffered from a heart attack in 2012. If you’re skeptical about that, then you should use this link to verify your doubts.
For him, it was the time he stopped smoking cigarettes and switch to healthier alternative. It’s only natural that he’ll use e-cigs and start vaping to satisfy his habits. In any case, vaping has helped him live a healthier lifestyle and reduce the risk of suffering from a heart attack again.

It’s also favorable for Cowell to switch to vaping since he can ensure that his son won’t suffer from second-hand smoking problems.

Having a healthier lifestyle also means that you have to be able to maintain your vaping tool. Also, this link should provide you with the replacement vape juice that you need.

Ronnie Wood is also someone who is known to be in the vaping trend.

If you’re familiar with the Rolling Stones band, then you should already know who Ronnie Wood is.

For musicians like Ronnie Wood, smoking cigarettes have become a common habit. Still, he made the right decision when he switched to using vaping pen instead of smoking cigarettes. If you want more info about that, be sure to visit this link.

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