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What You Should Have in Mind About Herniated Disc
There are a lot of functions that the spine offers in the body and these make it an important structure in the body. It enables one to move, feel pain, breath, and enjoy all other things in life. If there is an injury to the spine, it will be hard for one to move, bend, breathe, and even the sense of pain will be lost. There are often several cases of herniated disc from a car accidents and they often cause a lot of troubles to human lives. Herniated disc is the major source of pain in most people who suffers spine injuries and this often makes people’s lives hard. If you suspect that you have a herniated disc from a car accident and you feel some back pain or numbness, it is time you give it some more serious attention.
You will need to learn more about such a condition so that you will know what’s expected of you.
There is a need for you to know more about a herniated disc from a car accident to be able to take the right treatment approach. You will not want to confuse a bulging disc and a herniated disc as that can lead to poor treatment.
The best way for you to recover quickly and feel better requires that you get to know the difference between the two so that you will find the right treatment and recover well. Bulging disc is as a result of pressure on the annulus of your spine that will then cause pain in parts that may be away from your back and this often cause frustration and confusion. Unlike the herniated disc from a car accident, a bulging disc occurs exactly at the place where the structures have bulged.
This type of injury is treated using appropriate medication, stretching and physical exercise and patients often recover completely.
A person who has a herniated disc from a car accident often feels a lot of pain compared to one with a bulging disc. This often is the result of the wall of annulus rupturing and the nucleus protruding from inside of the disc. This will in turn rub against the nerve endings and cause a lot of pain associated with weakness in the limbs and numbness. People may have this condition due to aging and lifting of heavy loads and can also be due to trauma as is often common with herniated disc from a car accident. On major occasions, surgical procedures may not be needed to treat this condition. Surgical options may also be used if need be, and together with the medical methods and spinal modification, patients often recover completely. You don’t have to live with the problem of a herniated disc from a car accident as you can just visit a doctor and have everything solved for you.

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