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A Guide to the Cost of Propane Tanks

Learning more about propane tanks will benefit you much before your purchase one. Pricing is one of the important issues that you need to know about.

Propane gas has many uses. There are people who use it simply to light their grill for their barbecue or outdoor meals. Other people run all their appliances on propane gas.

If you are wondering how much a tank of propane costs then this article is for you.

A large propane tank can be used to give power to your whole house. If your house is average in size, then you will need a 500-gallon propane model. You will be spending around $1,500 for this kind of residential propane tanks.

If you want your business establishment or your farm to use propane gas, then you will need a much larger tank. It will require you to get a really large propane tank that could use up to 2,000 t0 30,000 gallons of propane. A tank of this capacity could cost you around $10,000 to $80,000.

If you have a very large propane tank, then it is ideally installed underground. However, you can also install your large propane tank above the ground but this will also depend on the surrounding environment.

A large propane tank should be protected from very cold temperatures.. And the way to do it is by installing it underground. Your propane tanks will be safer underground. And even if there is a leak on your tank, then the soil surrounding it can simply contain the leak. Explosion is prevented by the surrounding soil.

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With underground propane tanks you don’t only pay for the price of the tank, but it can also cost you much to have it buried underground. It can cost around $4,000 to $5,000 to have your 1,000 gallon propane tank to be installed underground. You will have a higher installation cost if your tank is larger.

If propane tanks are to be put above the ground, then they are usually smaller in size. It is actually fine to install large tanks above ground but they don’t appear nice so it is best to bury them underground.

If you flood all the time, then it is best to install your propane tank above ground. When the soil take too much water during floods, your propane tanks can shift if buried underground. You would spend around $500 to install a 100-gallon propane tank. You could pay more than this if your tank is larger.

If you are using propane only to operate a grill then a small propane tank is inexpensive to buy. You can have your propane tanks exchanged each time it gets finished or you can buy your own tank and have it refilled if it runs out of gas.

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