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Why Video Content Marketing Is Important for E-Businesses

The average Internet user nowadays uses up to 88% more time on websites with videos and can attribute 1/3 of all his/her online activity to video watching. It is expected that the amount of time spent engaging and watching videos will increase as years go by. Businesses realise this and time and again it is quite common to hear the question whether Video Content Marketing Can Improve business performance. While video Content Marketing can certainly have a positive impact, like everything else in digital marketing, plenty of time and energy has to be invested to reap any benefits. Achieving substantial benefits from video marketing is not a mere matter of embedding a few YouTube videos into your webpage and hoping luck is in your favour. Similar to other forms of content, significant investment in high quality video content, perseverance and patience in sharing the content across the web is needed. Below, we discuss how video content marketing is beneficial for your E-business.

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By using videos, you can prove the value of your content to popular search engines. When search engines assess how relevant your webpages to specific keywords, they do not only take text into account. They also check other kinds of media you have to offer its users. You can prove the value and richness of variety of your content to a search engine through a combination of text, images and videos. Nowadays, up to 80% of all Internet traffic can be attributed to video, hence it makes sense that such engines are eager to rank websites that offer video content to its users. Content strategists can practice due diligence by optimising their video content for searches via video keyword research and including the discovered keywords into each video’s meta tags.

Businesses can leverage on their presence in third-party sites and social media to drive traffic back to their websites. Third party sites such as YouTube have users consuming billions of hours of video every day. Using these sites can be a good way for businesses to expose themselves to new audiences so long as they include their websites URLs in video descriptions and the channel name. Therefore, businesses can increase the traffic acquisition and consequently their rankings. To make the most of views on third party sites and effectively drive back traffic to your website, you should give the audience a good reason to click through on the URLs provided in the video descriptions e.g. free resources, extra information to add on what was shared in the video, discount codes and special offers. Additionally, you can earn referral traffic by embedding URLs in video descriptions and channel information on third party sites.

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