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How to Choose a Geofending Marketing Service Provider

It is vital to select the right geofencing company before beginning a location-driven campaign. Definitely, your choice of a partner can make a dramatic difference when it comes to the results of your efforts. Therefore, be sure to check on a few essential considerations before making a decision.

Reliance on Non-GPS Techniques

GPS is big battery drainer, so never partner with a geofencing company that relies on this technology. First and foremost, the use of GPS by these geofencing marketing providers can drain your app users’ battery in just a few short hours. And considering that it has become so easy to know location services are being used and how often, whether on an iOS or an Android device, it won’t be long until your app detect the source of the drainage. Before you know it, there goes your app – deleted! Your app will be deleted before you know it.

The Balance Between Accuracy and Efficiency

It is not easy to find a solution that is accurate as well as battery-efficient, but yes, it’s achievable. Pick a provider that has complicated algorithms working to ensure such a balance. If you have time to explore online, you will discover that these geofencing marketing providers are better reviewed than the others.

Collection of Location Data

Location-centric marketing no longer just concerns location-based notifications. These geofencing marketing providers these days are now more and more about user behavior. Hence, focus on gathering the most vital location insights, like traffic, visit history and the rest.

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Convenient Management of Geofence System

Any geofencing solution must have its own dashboard, providing full control for easy creation, management and optimization of your geofences. Out of several other vital features, this dashboard should include a time manager, scalable radius, bulk upload ability, and aggregated and geofence analytics.

Anti-Spam Ability

Anti-spam tools, which block an overload of notifications, are necessary for any geofencing solution. Otherwise, your app may just get deleted. If you take time to consider which of these geofencing marketing providers available today provide reliable spam defense, you should be safe.

Local Versus Push Notifications

Local notifications are instantaneous, while push notifications can take as much as 15 minutes to be sent, which is just too long. Anything can happen in such a timeframe, and your notifications may no longer be useful by then – say, when your app user has moved to the opposite end of town). On top of that, you are required to get special certificates, which can be time-consuming, prior to using push notifications. You don’t need this for local notifications.

Use of Standard iOS & Android Geofencing API’s

Finally, many geofencing solutions make no use of standard iOS & Android geofencing APIs. Why is it not a good thing? Because by implementing a solution with these geofencing marketing providers that doesn’t conform to industry standards, acceptance into App Store & Google Play Store becomes harder. And should your app actually get declined, getting it re-evaluated and back in the store will take a while, so you lose time,cast shade on your reputation, and turn off heavy app users.

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