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Everything You Need to Know About Feeding Your Cat

Feeding your cat may seem like a simple daily chore for you. It is not enough for you to feed your cat with cat food once a day because there are many other things that you need to consider when it comes to your cat’s diet.

You don’t want your cat to be underfed or overfed because as much as possible, you have to stay in the middle. If not pregnant, the belly of your cat should always appear firm and not too rounded to imply obesity or too saggy to imply malnutrition. Giving your cat a balanced diet is very important because when your cat is also malnourished, there is also a higher chance that your cat can easily get sick. When the hipbone of your cat protrudes, you have to increase your cat’s food serving because it could mean that your cat is malnourished.

It is important for you to feed your cat with human food such as fish but you must always provide them with the right nourishment from cat food. While your cat is still young, it is important to give them cat food because they need its nourishment to stay as healthy as possible. There is a lesser chance that your cat will experience nutrient deficiency when you give them cat food that has all the complete nourishment they need.

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You can see better results with your cat’s health if you give cat food that improves your cat’s fur, teeth, and gums, paws, and bowel movement. Thus, you have to make sure that you are giving your cat food all the nutrients that he needs to stay healthy through the right cat food. That is true most especially if you have just adopted your cat and there are some health issues that come with them.

When you have a younger and more active cat, it is best that you give him at least 240 calories of food per day. Yet for senior cats that do not move a lot, it is enough to give 24 calories of food daily. It shouldn’t be that hard for you to determine the number of calories that your cat gets when you feed him cat food because it is already noted in the label.

Unlike dogs, cats are not fond of drinking water so as much as possible, you should also provide your cat with canned goods. There are a lot of canned goods like tuna that has water content in it, so you have to give them to your cat every once in a while to ensure proper hydration. Yet if your cat has no issues with drinking water or milk, you can stick to giving dry cat food.

In case your cat is experiencing a change in eating patterns, this could be a sign of a health problem, so it is always best for you to reach out to a vet immediately.

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