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The Best Bounce House Games You Can Consider Including at Your Party

Every year, people usually long for their birthdays to reach and is one event that is enjoyed by almost every individual. Most of the people usually plan a lot for their birthdays because no one wants that the to be boring. There is usually food, drinks, cake and music but you must also remember that there are games you need to prepare for. You might find it even harder when preparing for a child’s birthday. The fun activities to choose for the birthday might be a little bit difficult because you want everyone to enjoy and therefore you not sure what must be included. The option that has been most advocated for is getting a bouncing castle and this has been said to be very effective. One thing that is assured with the bouncing castle is that no one will be bored since they will all be occupied and have an amazing experience at your party. However, your options are not just limited to a bouncing castle since there are several other options you can consider.

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One game that you cannot miss your party is popcorn. Point is a very simple game and all you have to do is have one child to sit in the middle with crossed legs and other children would try to bounce them. The aim is that one should not tumble over or even change positions and therefore when this is done, the child loses and another has to take the position. What you need to ensure is that every child gets a turn and therefore this will have to be rotational. The one who is celebrating the birthday could then have a special turn. You might even have a gift for the one who stays the longest in the middle to make it more fun.

Freeze bounce is also one of the best options for you. This is one very interesting game and the good thing about it is that it uses not only the physical activity of the children but also their listening skills. For this game, you must get music and it is supposed to play us the bouncing continues. The music continues playing in the when it stops, you are required to immediately freeze in position and if you move, you will have lost. Even when people freeze, the castle usually continues moving and therefore you’re not supposed to fall and those who do so lose.

The 30 second challenge is also one of the most interesting games to have. For this one, you will be required to bounce in a particular way for 30 seconds and then change to another for the next 30 seconds. You can make people jump with their hands raised, on one food or any other interesting way.

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