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Some of the Vital Information about Sexual Assault

It has been shown that one out of every six women in the US have experienced sexual assault or attempted sexual assault. If you think that those who commit these crimes are kidnapers or gang, as you see in the movies then you are wrong. The amazing thing is that the victims will tell you that most of their attackers are friends, fellow students at the campuses, relatives and so on. If you doubt then keep on reading this article to the end and you will learn more about sexual assault. The following are some of the facts about sexual assault.

One of the findings that you should know about sexual assault is that most cases are reported to have occurred in colleges. One of the findings in the conducted research is that 20 percent of women are sexually abused when still in college. This is because in campus most students are on their own, they are not under the rules of their parents, so they get freedom to indulge in actives such as drinking alcohol. This is evidenced by the fact that 90 percent of rapes that occur in campuses the attacker or the victim is usually under the influence of alcohol. 73 percent of students who fall victim rape in colleges are in either their first or second year.

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The second vital thing to note is that among those who are sexually abused children too are involved. Studies which have been carried out show clearly that one out of every four girls and one out of every six boys are sexually assaulted when still a minor. The consequences that the victim will have when still a child is great, for example, the victim are likely to undergo significant mental challenges. What is surprising is that 93 percent of children who are sexually assaulted know those who attacked them. Some of them are family members, friends, neighbors and so on. This is why Jessica’s Law was passed to protect the minor against sexual abuse.

The third thing to note about sexual assault is that nearly half of the victims who survive develop sexually transmitted diseases. Studies have proved that 40 percent of all sexual assault victims will contract sexually transmitted infections such as HIV, chlamydia, herpes and many others. Most of the diseases that the victims are likely to contract are treatable, but others like HIV cannot be treated, so the victim will have to live with it throughout their life.

The results reported in this article are the truth about sexual assault, they are based on the studies which have been carried out by experts.

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