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Everything You Need to Know About Using Vaping to Quit Smoking

One in every five people dying is attributed to smoking and this shows how dangerous smoking is, although this is a fact that has been known for a long time. The effects of cigarette smoking has been known to smokers who have tried quitting only to find themselves falling back in the same habit. Many people turn to vape as a way of quitting cigarette smoking and although it involves replacing one vice with another, it has been proven to yield positive results. Continue reading to know how you can use vaping to quit cigarette smoking.

Cigarettes usually contain nicotine, a chemical that has different effects on the body and the main reason quitting cigarette smoking is so hard. Because the body becomes so dependable on the nicotine in cigarettes, it becomes so difficult to quit hence the reason some people are switching to nicotine free vape juice. Weaning yourself off nicotine slowly if you are a smoker is an effective way of quitting smoking and that is the option that best vape juice flavors that are free of nicotine offer.

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Giving up nicotine becomes much easier if you are vaping because the best vape juice flavors available in the market come with different levels of nicotine which you can choose depending on your nicotine needs. Since you don’t quit nicotine once with vaping, you still get to enjoy the sensation even as you work towards quitting. Cigarettes brands usually have different nicotine levels, so when you are switching to vaping you need to find a vapor juice with similar nicotine level.

When shopping for vape juice in the market you will find vape juices with different nicotine levels from high, medium to low while you will also encounter nicotine free vape juice. Like smoking, getting used to vaping takes time especially if you are switching from cigarette smoking. After you feel comfortable vaping, you should consider switching to a medium nicotine level vape juice.

When you are comfortable with the medium nicotine level of the vape juice you have been using, you can progress to a liquid that has low levels of nicotine. Eventually, you will be able to use nicotine free vape juice, however, you should be careful not to rush anything. Vaping for a cigarette smoker must be a gradual process to enjoy the benefits. Elaborated above is how you can use vaping to quit cigarette smoking.

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