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What Are Backlinks and Why Is Building Links in SEO So Important Today?
The most popular part of SEO in the market today is keywords and title tags even though there are other vital aspects that involve adding high-quality links to the posts and pages in the picture as well. Building links is however different as one needs a site that should be willing to post the link which requires everyone to be educated on what backlinks are and how they are built as well. Discussed below are all the facts that anyone needs to know about backlinks and how to build them as well.

For anyone wondering what backlinks are, they are basically links on one website to another website just like the name suggests. Backlinks are not something new for anyone that has been using the internet as they are commonly used across the world today by so many people such as bloggers who would like to add links of their past posts to the current one. There are also news articles that contain relevant backlinks within each story to offer more info as well as the white paper that one may have read the previous day that contained backlinks to statistics shared in the next.

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Before discussing the importance of links in SEO, it is vital to note that search engines use links to discover the web pages and also identify page rankings following its algorithm. In as much as people do not understand how much impact algorithm has on backlinks, there is no denying the fact that they are so crucial to Google. It was, in fact, Larry Page, one of the Google founders who invented among many other things PageRank which is a tool used in measuring page quality based on the number of other pages that refer back to it. Backlinks build authority for a site as well as all the other sites that it links which builds a relationship where the websites vouch for each other’s reputation. Having backlinks on the site gives search engines, specifically, Google spiders an opportunity to discover the website and having more of them means more options for discovery and building more authority as well. Anyone wondering why Google loves backlinks should understand that it is because they result in quicker indexing which does not just benefit Google alone but the website as well. While there are so many options that one can choose from every time they need to build backlinks, most of them choose to buy backlinks although there is also the broken link method as well as the guest article technique and the PR method among many others.

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