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A Guide on Preparing for Mosquito Season

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After being indoors throughout a cold winter, there is nothing that can be matched with the promise of warmer weather associated with spring. However, the longer days, sunny skies and sweet-scented flowers of spring also come with its fair share of disadvantages – mosquitoes The blend of occasional showers and warmer weather provided a haven for the breeding of these annoying pests. Moreover, as numerous places around the country are beginning to see warmer weather stretch out during fall as well, mosquitoes also tend to lurk for extended periods now. Many of us believe summer to be the spell in a year when mosquito comes out (which has some truth in it), for many regions of the country, however, it is great to remain prepared throughout the year. There is no defined date defining the opening or close of mosquito season. What transpires in this period is that, temperatures in summer go past 50 degrees which encouraging mosquitoes to come out and play where they hang around up to when the weather cools. Therefore, what to do you to stay prepared for mosquito season?
One tested and tried the method you can use to avoid the invasion of mosquitoes in your house is by getting rid of any standing water around your house. You want to eliminate the water as it is known to attract mosquitoes. Mosquitoes breed in still water – however the small the volume of water might be, it is sufficient for them to carry on with reproduction. For that reason, it is critical that you drain any rainwater that is gathered in your garden. You should also ensure that there is no water accumulated in buckets, flowerpots, pool covers, and pet food bowls as they are notorious for collecting rainwater. Also mosquitoes easily target birdbaths too and you ought to remove all of these. Since mosquito eggs mature fast into nymphs, you should get rid of stagnant water straightway.
Moreover, it is necessary that you keep the gutters and drains around your home. During fall and winter, trees shed leaves which build up on gutters cluttering them. That hold water causing the pooling of standing water which favors the thriving of mosquitoes.
The aromatic smoke of incense as well scented candles keeps away mosquitoes, so consider burning some. Make sure that you are positioning the incense and candle near your home’s entrance points and set them alight before mosquitoes raid. You can manage to keep them away from your entry points in the first place.
Call on experts if you are running out of effective option to eliminate the mosquitoes. Ensure that the professional is skilled and licensed to handle pest removal. During assessment, the professional can assist in identifying problem areas that may have been ignored and offer solutions to manage pest population.

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