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The Top 5 Things Mandatory to Have in Every Website Worth its Name in 2019

If you have a website and especially one that generates you any form of income, there are internet rules and regulations that this site needs to adhere to. The last thing you would want is to end up being sued by your website visitors or other third parties for running a non-compliant website, now do you? To get you started, this site needs to disclose how it collects, stores and uses visitor data and information. Secondly, it is a requirement by law that you disclose whether you use cookies and affiliate links on your site. In the event, there is content published on your website from other sources, it is a requirement by law that you give all due credit to the source. Read on to discover ways through which you can have these measures implemented.

Your privacy policy is arguably one of the most important legal requirement on your website. It is always important to ensure there is a privacy policy when your website is collecting any form of information from its visitors. There is also the general Data Protection Regulation by the European Union that you must be Acquainted with. Basically, your website is expected to seek explicit permission from its users when collecting data or when there is an intention to contact the users in the future.

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The next important aspect to address is the SSL certificate and HTTPs especially if your website deals with monetary transactions. These two features are meant to ensure user information is safeguarded against unauthorized access, especially during financial transactions. Every website worth its weight in gold must also have this indispensable tool known as a sitelock. As the name may suggest, a sitelock is a specially formulated tool that scans a website for security threats, vulnerabilities, and malware. This tool will not only detect possible threats but is also designed to help fix security risks and problems it encounters in its operation.

Further, this site needs to be fully compliant with the laws and regulations by ensuring it is easily accessible especially to the disabled web visitors. We are talking about individuals with sight impairment, hearing impairment, mobility impairment, and mobility impairment. Lastly, your website is said to be fully compliant to internet laws and regulations when its terms and conditions of use are clearly defined. These terms and conditions of a website basically revolve around site usage, site operations, nature of data collected and the content copyright.

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