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Immigration Bond Refund Tips

Would you like to receive your immigration bond back? Well, if your friend or relative has been arrested for any immigration offence, then you probably don’t want them to spend more nights in detention. The remedy is to bail them out. The idea of a bond came to make sure that people comply to the law while still being able to serve as productive citizens. Do not stay in detention for long if you can pay the bail in time. As long as you will follow the court procedures even when you are not detained, your relatives or friends can bail you out. But, most people don’t know about how to get a refund for their immigration bond. Below are tips to help you out.

First, comply to the legal requirements

Before you can think about claiming for a bond refund, please make sure that your case is closed. This simply means that you should attend all the case hearings until the case is determined. You want the court to see that you are trustworthy. The court will depend on how you behave in the case period to determine whether you deserve to be refunded and you need to show them that you do. If the court cant trust you to be a good citizen and to abide to its structural rules, then there’s a likelihood that they will deny you bail in the first place. During the court case, you need to be available throughout.

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Once your application has been approved, you will pay the bailout and then comply to the other requirements while you are outside the cells. The bond allows you to be responsible for your family or work but at the same time be at the court whenever you are needed. Hopefully, the court might be lenient with you and set a fine for or not guilty verdict but even if they sentence you, at least you will finish the court case.

Get your immigration bond refund

I digress. Instead, it’s about the money your relatives or friends had bailed you out with. In most cases, they will only pay the bond with the surety that you will refund them. But who will give you back the money when the case is done? In theory, every bond is returnable- but you certainly have to push them to give you back the money.

Courts have meticulously laid procedures on how you can claim your immigration bond and get paid your money. All is not lost but you need to take a few measures. Be sure to fill out a refund application from ICE, fill it and then submit it in time so that your money can be processed. The form will then be processed and you will get back your cash- this homepage has more info.

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