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How to publish your book by yourself

For a freelance writer you write for the purpose of getting paid and even if you work for a certain freelance site, your own business or have a direct client you are going to stop getting any kind of payment if you stop writing. You are going to realize a raise in pay than what you do as a freelance if you write a book and get it to publish. Writing a book is a very big accomplishment and also very few people manage to get a book written and published. If what you are thinking of is writing your own book then you need to be aware of the work you need to put down. The point where many people realize problems is when it comes to publishing, learn more. Continue reading for the steps of getting your book to make you money.

To sell the book, you need to write it first. You cannot sit down surfing the internet and have a dream pending. It is normal to have a page you will be staring at for hours even if you had already started writing, it happens to the best of us. For you to achieve your goal you need to treat writing that book as a full-time job and set weekly goals that can help you grow. You need to develop a writing habit that will lead you to success.

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After doing the writing it is good that you choose a good editor that is going to help you edit the book properly. It is good that you avoid editing the book by yourself. You need an editor to add something fresh to your book since the whole content is from your brain and self-edit is only going to lead to repeat. It is not good for you to choose a good English speaker who is going to correct all your grammar mistakes.

After editing the book you need to design your cover. The cover is going to talk to your readers thus it is very important. When designing the cover you need to look at your audience to design something of relevance.

After all these you need to have a price for your book. You need to be careful here for if you set the price too high then no one is going to buy and a low price is going to bring you to loses.

You can start from kindle if you are looking for publishing platforms. You are only going to have to create a direct publishing account, use this link. After publishing with kindle, upload your book on PDF. Finish by marketing your book, all the best.

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