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What You Should Know About Independent Medical Examination.

Injuries are happening all over the US every year with 31 million people estimated to have been injured. Two million of those affected will have to be seen by a doctor. If you nursing an injury right now you have to ask yourself whether this occurred because someone else was negligent or not. You can be compensated if it was someone else’s mistake whether it was a slip-and-fall injury, a car accident injury or even a personal injury. Nevertheless, an independent medical examination is necessary before you get the compensation. In the event that you have never heard of an IME keep reading to get all the details you have been looking for. Insurance companies don’t like spending money which is why they usually dispute the case if they feel the settlement is too high. This is why an IME is important because it will ensure they own up to their responsibility.

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You can expect the IME to be done by a doctor who is neutral. This is in an effort to keep the reports accurate and objective. Therefore, the agreement that will be reached will be fair in terms of the amount of money you will get in terms of the settlement. Insurance companies usually ask for IME when they feel like the amount the victim is asking for is too high. Remember that you can talk to your lawyer about requesting for an IME as well and not necessarily the insurance company and this will be essential if you have doubts on whether the first doctor was thorough in examining the injury or if there was a misdiagnosis. The side that asks for the IME gets to pick the doctor to do that. Apart from the previous medical report, the doctor will also have a look at the other documents you have presented. The insurance companies can also send additional questions or the doctor to fill in on so that they may understand the situation perfectly.

Some of the questions that may arise include whether the symptoms are as a result of the accident and if the condition was properly diagnosed. Any further testing and treatment needed can also be explored and whether there is a chance you can go back to work. Permanent disabilities caused by the accident can also be determined by the doctor and if there are accommodations you will need should you go back to work. The medical exam is done per the protocol. The doctor checks at the injuries and talks about the symptoms you are having. More tests can be ordered including x-rays to get a better perspective of the injuries you have sustained.

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