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Various Things to Understand About Indictment

For those who have never found themselves rubbing shoulders with the law enforcers they do not understand the process of convicting an individual. There those of us who think the process of conviction is simple like we see in the movies whereby the suspected is arrested by law enforcer and then they appear in court soon. Indictment is a part and parcel of conviction process and you have the chance of facing indictment during your trial. To understand more about the indictment ensure that you have read the article as it will be focusing on the various aspects of indictment.

The prosecution should prove that you are guilty of the crime present using substantial evidence until then you are innocent. When the prosecution relies on the evidence available and accuses you of committing the crime that means that you are facing indictment. The state you are in has to pass or should have passed the indictment law to ensure that you are facing indictment during your trail. To have the chance of facing indictment in the states that have passed indictment law you have to be accused of committing serious crimes whose punishment is death or imprisonment. It is not clear at which stage of the trial an individual should be facing indictment. Depending on what the court system the police can arrest you when they have the indictment or they can arrest you and then seek for the indictment for your case.

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Now you may be wondering who approve that an individual has committed enough crime and they should be facing an indictment. In the judicial system there is a body that comprises of elected people known as the grand jury, and the body is responsible for checking whether you will be facing indictment. The prosecution determines who should be in the grand jury body. An invitation can be a way that the prosecution can ensure that they are getting the ideal person in the grand jury. The prosecution gets a recommendation and then sends you an invitation to the grand jury. Another way is by selection just like when you are applying for a job in an organization. The capability of an individual will determine whether the prosecution will select them into the grand jury.

Based on the evidence the prosecution will determine if you should be facing indictment. You can be facing indictment and remain innocent till proven guilty based on the evidence produced by the prosecutor.

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